Thursday, November 14, 2013

Amy and Marsh Perry ~ Woodburn Plantation Wedding

Dear Amy and Marsh,

Right after I first met the both of you, I told my husband that I wished you lived in Pendleton, and not New Orleans, so that we could hang out together all the time. I am so happy to call you my friends. You are the sweetest, most caring, humble, thoughtful people I have ever met. I am proud, and honored to have photographed this chapter in your lives together. I will never forget our time at Devils Fork for the engagement session when you made me enter the hula hoop competition with your family. I love that I had a spot on the brackets when I arrived :) I had to wipe away a tear during your ceremony, as I could see the happiness and love pouring out. I love you both, and I will make it to New Orleans one day I promise! Marsh - your mom already said I could stay with her!! Your bridesmaids and groomsmen were some of the most supportive and wonderful people that I could have worked with. I love them all too!! Much love to you both for a long, happy life together. Cheers!!

All my love,
Angel :)

And as always, Laura, thank you for your constant support, assistance, and awesome shooting skills :)

It was a fairytale wedding!!!

Oh Amy, you are so beautiful!!!

I LOVE these girls!!

Super sweet moment :)

Well hello, handsome fella!

Now let's party!!!!

Best. Groomsmen. Ever. 

One more from the zombie run series....

First dances always make me cry!

It is always nice to take a quick 5 min break from the reception....LOVE!!