Friday, June 24, 2016

Jaime and Nick Wilson ~ A Walker Century Farms Wedding

When you pray for no rain, you also have to pray for no wind. The storm went all the way around us but we got wind like I have never experienced before. I was first to arrive at the Walker Century Farm, and my jaw dropped. Everything they set up that morning had blown over, crashed to the ground, broken in a million pieces. Even the reese's pieces on the candy bar. We found a broom and started sweeping everything up! The bridesmaid's found some new decorations in a closet and started all over! There was duct tape, and tarps everywhere trying to fight the wind. It worked. And it was a beautiful wedding!!!!! I LOVED her colors, and they made all the bouquets themselves. They did such a great job. Holly's Cakes provided the beautiful wedding cake. Nick and Jaime smiled so much that day. It was magical. And of course, we had to get some fun pictures incorporating how windy it was....You will see. Enjoy!!

Much love, Angel

Lindsey, Jax, and Cooper!

Lindsey and her boys are the absolute sweetest. I have photographed her boys for a couple of years now, and it is so much fun to see them grow up into young men. We coaxed Lindsey to get into the pictures this year! The best part was we went back to a location we did several years ago, to take pictures of the boys in the same spot to see how much they have grown. It was so amazing to see the difference! Enjoy some of my favorites :)

Much love,

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jordan and Coleman ~ Engagement Session

Jordan and Coleman have the best story of meeting. I loved hearing all the details. Basically they met on the shuttle bus on the way to class!!!! Apparently Coleman was having a bad day, and then he met  Jordan. He has had nothing but good days since then! And now they will have their happily ever after :) We met up at one of their favorite spots they used to "hang" out at when at Clemson, the Y beach. They would hang their hammocks up by the lake and read. It was a beautiful spot! I love when my couples take me somewhere special like that for their photos. Someplace that really means something to them. Jordan's sister was so nice to come along to help with their new puppy so they could include her in a few pics!

Much love, Angel