Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dallas and Glennn ~ Table Rock "Day After" Wedding Portraits

Dallas Moy (of Dallas Love Photography) has been my biggest mentor and cheerleader since I started my photography business. I really don't think she knows the influence she has had one me :) I have learned so much, I am forever grateful. I am so blessed to have a friend in Dallas. She is an absolutely amazing person, and photographer. When I found out she was engaged to Glennn, my heart skipped a beat for her. I was sooo happy!!! My husband and I were honored to attend their wedding at Table Rock at the beginning of December. It was so much fun, complete with dancing, hot cider, singing, dodging the rain, and shivering in the cold! It was nice to be a guest :)

As Dallas and I exchanged our Christmas Greetings on Christmas Day, she asked if I would be willing to help them recreate their wedding day and take Wedding Portraits of her and Glennn. You see, it was pouring down rain and freezing cold at Table Rock on their wedding day, and they did not get to have these portraits done. "ABSOLUTELY!" was my response :) So, the very next day, they got all dressed up, hair and make up done, and we spent a lovely day up at Table Rock taking some FUN portraits. Then, on Friday, Dallas and Glennn were off to Australia. I was so honored to be able to do this for them. I will miss you so much Dallas, I can't wait for you to visit soon. Much Love to you both!!

Thank you Dallas and Glennn, I am so honored :)